GrantsQuest, Ltd. Co. is a national consulting corporation that offers professional grant writing and capacity building services to 501(c)(3) agencies, commercial vendors, and public entities throughout the United States. Our mission is to increase the quantity and quality of education, social service, human service, justice and economic development-related, grant supported programs in order to reduce community risk factors and bring about positive change for immediate and future generations.  Our hands-on support, consultancy, and research tools are intentionally aimed at ensuring that partnerships among individuals, schools, community organizations, and funding sources are created and strengthened. In the process, we hope to build dreams, resurrect hopes, and realize successes for all constituents. Designing and constructing collaborative alliances is our highest priority.  The company pursues this mission by striving to provide the most affordable and highest quality grant development services available on the market – backed with exceptional customer service.

Founded in 1992, GrantsQuest began as an independent contracting firm that targeted its grant development services to central and southeastern Kentucky LEA’s and schools.  Over the course of the past ten years, the company has expanded its services to focus on multiple entity types (i.e., nonprofits, governments, educational and other product vendors) throughout the country.

GrantsQuest is comprised of several divisions, which include the Grant Development Division and the Commonwealth Planning and Evaluation Institute. The Grant Development Division hosts a large staff of professional grant writers, full-time administrators, and support staff who represent an average of 50 GQ client agencies at any one time. The division’s grant writer pool is diverse and inclusive of education specialists, community economic development specialists, mental health specialists, and criminal justice and fire safety specialists. Due to the large volume and demand of client services, GrantsQuest has the financial and management capacity to maintain a sizable staff of experienced grant writers who are able to perform a variety of grant development services in response to each client’s immediate need.

As a client of GrantsQuest, your organization and its stakeholders will receive top quality, affordable services that are individualized to meet your budget and programming needs. From school reform and fire safety grants to CDBG’s, our highly skilled grant writing team has the expertise to prepare exceptionally written grant proposals that are likely to be awarded.

Through our unique client needs assessment – grant competition identification – and proposal development process, GrantsQuest will prepare grant proposals with limited burden on your staff.


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