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NFL Youth Football Fund Grassroots Program (12-15-10)

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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The NFL Youth Football Fund Grassroots Program is a partnership of the National Football League Youth Football Fund and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to help nonprofit, neighborhood-based organizations improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of local football fields.

The program seeks to redress the shortage of clean, safe, and accessible football fields in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. In order to be eligible for a grant, projects must be sponsored by nonprofit community-based 501(c)(3) organizations or middle or high schools. In addition, all organizations applying for funds must be located specifically and exclusively within NFL target markets and serve low- to moderate-income areas within those markets.

A total of $2.5 million is available through this Request for Proposals. There are several levels of support:

General Field Support grants will provide up to $50,000 each for capital projects not associated with the actual field surface. This includes the installation/refurbishment of bleachers, concession stands, lights, irrigation systems, etc.

Field Surface Grants provide matching awards of up to $200,000 each to help finance the resurfacing of a community, middle school, or high school football field and the installation of synthetic sports turf.

A smaller number of matching grants of up to $100,000 each will be available to help finance the resurfacing of a community, middle school, or high school football field utilizing natural grass/ sod surfaces. If applicants choose to utilize natural grass/sod surfaces as opposed to the synthetic sports surfaces, a minimum five-year maintenance plan and corresponding financial budget must be provided in order to demonstrate that the applying organization will maintain the field despite projected wear and tear and potential overuse by youth sports participants. Funds from the program may not be used to maintain field surfaces, as all grant funds must be used for capital expenditures.



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